• Cosmonautics Day in the Oort Cloud!

    Enjoy some huge promotions to celebrate the first manned space flight, 55 years ago today!

    April 12, 2016 Read More

  • Astro Lottery Winners Revealed!

    Find out if you've won a massive 121,516 deuterium just in time for the holidays!

    Dec. 24, 2015 Read More

  • Win Deuterium in the Astro Lottery!

    Up to 1,000,000 deuterium could be shared between the winners of the Astro Lottery! Find out how to get your tickets...

    Nov. 27, 2015 Read More

  • Prepare for Oort Cloud Expansion!

    Global server merge to take place, bringing together Astro Lords players from around the world!

    Oct. 2, 2015 Read More

  • The Aliens are Retreating!

    Intercepted transmissions reveal the aliens are planning a huge retreat on Wednesday 23 September. But why?

    Sept. 18, 2015 Read More

  • Alert! Tritium Burst Predicted!

    Scientists studying the phenomena of naturally-occurring tritium in the Oort Cloud believe an unusually large "tritium burst" is due to take place on Friday 31 July.

    July 29, 2015 Read More

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