Astro Lords is not supported by BISBOG anymore. However, the game is still running and can be reached here:


BISBOG launched Astro Lords in the Summer 2014. It has been a great adventure for a great game. We could get a lot of wonderful players for Astro Lords and we thank you all for playing with us and being part of the Astro Lords community.

Unfortunately, we never could reach a big enough number of players. This was mainly due to technical issues linked to the multiple types of browsers and the kind of plugins they supported and stopped support over time.

Astro Lords is still a great game and we hope that you will continue to play it on the servers of the developer Aratog. They are excellent developers and visionary artists, who have created for you a universe of strange, lonely lords living on the outer limits of our solar system.

If you have any questions or probblems please contact